Tranquility Dog Bed


New ‘Tranquility’ Merino wool and waterproof quilted dog bed in grey.

Discover the benefits of miracle Merino wool.

  • Naturally calming
  • Ideal for all seasons
  • Odour, bacteria and stain resistant
  • Comfortable, durable and long lasting
  • Machine washable.

Tranquility comes from the miracle of Merino wool. Cuddled up and burrowed in Merino wool, Dogs dream about harmony and a world full of calm, peace, tranquility, freedom, fun, and happiness. They wake up happy and rested feeling at home.

The Tranquility dog bed’s deep sides lined in sumptuously soft merino wool gives a sense of security and privacy. The sides can be rolled down to act as a bolster for your dog to rest its head. An easily removable and washable cushion lines the base of the bed. Alternatively, the whole bed can be machine washed. The bed is cased in a quilted, practical waterproof fabric adding structure, support and comfort.

The Tranquility bed is available in 2 sizes:
X/S (Extra Small) for toy breed dogs and small to standard size cats. Approx dimensions: Height 33 cm, Diameter 44 cm.
S/M (Small/Medium) for Whippet size dogs. Approx dimensions: Height 33 cm, Diameter 64 cm.