D&H Rolled Leather Dog Lead


Dog Lead in soft rolled leather, handmade in England. 130cm long by approximately 1cm thick, and finished with a solid brass or silver (nickel-plated brass) trigger hook. Available in a choice of classic and contemporary colours.

NEW: a stone shade of Grey with thick charcoal hide and silver O-ring in the handle and trigger hook (nickel-plated brass). If you would like the lead as pictured here, please just order Grey with Silver but leave us a message in the purchase path that you would like TAN hide with BRASS fittings and we will make bespoke for you (and your dog).

OR a rich Navy blue soft European leather with thick navy hide and solid brass O-ring in the handle and trigger hook

PLUS a 'Daffodil Yellow' soft European leather with thick chocolate hide and silver O-ring in the handle and trigger hook (nickel-plated brass)


Internal rope cord is extra strong and will not rot if it gets wet. 

Leather is a natural product so won't irritate sensitive skin.

Handmade in London at our studio.

Stitched, NOT riveted - true craftsmanship.

Stitching is Lifetime Guaranteed - unrivalled service.

Extra strong for durability - so you don't have to go to the trouble and expense of Replacing your dog's lead after a short time.

Colour-fast fine European leather, battle-tested against the elements, long-lasting. 

Solid brass or nickel-plated brass fittings to ensure strength of the lead and security of your dog

Soft leather handle is comfortable to hold and handle
handle includes an O-ring to attach a poo-bag holder or use to secure your dog at a shorter length or to a secure post 

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