Versatile Dog Beds For Anywhere In The House

Is your dog’s bed giving you ‘paws’ for thought?

If there’s one thing we love in Britain, it’s pampering our pets. Unfortunately, according to the latest reports, this has led to some negative consequences. A recent study has shown that spoiling our furry friends with food has led to a huge increase in diabetes. According to Pets Insurance firm, Animal Friends, claims on this condition have increased 900%. Experts say that this is mainly caused by us feeding our animals treats.

Instead of spoiling your dog with food, why not make their sleep more comfortable instead? After all, apart from food, one of a dog’s favourite activities is snoozing.

Our luxurious and versatile dog beds are suitable for anywhere in the house, and for take your dog in the car. Made of durable designer fabrics, our dog beds are a great substitute for using throws on your sofa or floor.

These dog beds are extremely versatile because they’re a.) easy to clean and b.) can be placed absolutely anywhere. They’re also available in a number of different colours and materials, including these beautiful denim and natural linen duvets. Prices start from only £50 for dog beds made from the finest possible materials.

Give your dog the perfect duvet day in 2016.

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