Treat Your Dog With Our Snuggly Beds

Give the dog a bone...

Or maybe not. According to a number of vets, dogs suffer from damage to their digestive tracts and blockages caused by bone splinters. In some cases, surgery is even needed. Giving a bone as a treat is therefore not such a great idea after all. It’s perhaps best to give them something else to gnaw on. Just make sure it’s not a pair of shoes.

Why not reward your dog with a snuggly bed instead?

At Hector Hartley, we have a range of beautiful dog beds in many different colours. Extremely generous in size, they will be the ultimate snuggly space to relax.

Whether placed on your sofa, or in the back of your car, our sumptuous dog beds are suitable for regular washing. That means you don’t have to sacrifice your favourite blankets. Available in Stonewash and Cotton, or Denim and Natural Linen, we have three different sizes to suit your pooch.

If you fancy coming to meet us, why not come to the Chiswick Dog Show on 25th September 2016? We’ll also be appearing at the Olympia Horse Show in December.

Or find out more about our snuggly dog beds.

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