Thank you to all for the testimonials and feedback:

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My 16 year old Foxy loves her new bed - she can stretch out.
Many thanks. Rhona

The bed is great and Luna loves it! We've posted a photo on Instagram already as she was quite taken with it in the mornings when I go to work, she slinks out onto the landing and flops straight down onto it. She's often there when I get in at lunch to take her for a walk - she's clearly a fan! David, Cheshire

Thank you for my new bed I love ❤️ it. It's so comfy and the colour suits me so well. Bought it yesterday at Windsor Horse Show.

My name is Elvis, but I am a girl and was rescued by Serbia's Forgotten Paws then fostered by my owner Rosina Endfield.
Thanks again for making such a comfy bed. ?❤??


Thank you so much for the beds, they’re all gorgeous! Jennifer, Northamptonshire

Delighted with our purchase from you and as you can see our Weimaraner is quite content as well. Neil

Now that my bedroom accommodates a Hector Hartley duvet bed, into which Gillie Wrigglebotham launches herself with much gusto every night, peace and tranquillity have finally arrived. The bonus – it washes and keeps its shape brilliantly.Thank you, Hector Hartley, from both of us. Jacqueline, Lincolnshire

My dog loves his new bed. It's comfy and not too hot for him. I love how easy it is to clean and looks great in the hall! Donna, Berkshire

I was happy with both beds I purchased this year. The delivery was fast. The last bed I ordered came next day which was really appreciated. The beds look so much classier than any previous ones I have ordered. Roxy's previous beds looked like dog beds but these duvets are a much better choice all round :) Jacqueline, Cambridgeshire

I bought two of your lovely dog duvets at the Windsor horse show for my spoilt Westie, Lixie. We are both so delighted with them I thought I would like to share it with all other besotted dog owners out there. I bought the medium duvet in stonewash (beautiful mauve that goes with my decor) for indoors and a small denim one for the car.  It is so much more convenient to be able to move the duvets around as needed.  In fact because it is so soft and comfy, when I leave it in his bed, he is more content to lie there than on the sofa, as was the norm. I like the fact it looks tasteful and somehow "proper" when on the sofa rather than a tacky throw. I just move it  around to suit him.   It is great for long car journeys that he has that bit of comfort with his duvet in his cage and for short journeys I just leave it on the seat.  When visiting, I take the duvet in with me which pleases both Lixie and my hosts!!!  I have already washed them a couple of time.  It is great that both quilt and cover are washable and the fabric is such good quality they come up lovely.  A great product! Liz, Surrey