Snuggly Beds For Any Sized Dog

Dogs: they love to snooze just as much as we do. They particularly love a good snooze when it’s hot weather, whether in the kitchen or by the patio doors. And just like human beings, dogs love to sleep in a variety of positions: spread eagled, spooned with other dogs, curled up in a foetus position...

Such sleeping habits require a versatile duvet, rather than a circumscribed dog bed, like traditional wicker baskets.

If you want to make their sleep even better, consider our snuggly dog beds. No matter the position your dog likes to sleep in, our duvets are suitable for even the most frenetic sleepers. These doggy duvets have been featured in Country Life, House & Garden, K9 Magazine, The Field and Fashion London, and are dog beds with a difference.

Made with designer fabric, they can be placed anywhere in the home, and look as good as they feel for your dog. Available in Stonewash and Cotton or Denim and Natural Linen, they come in a variety of sizes and colours, including blue denim, purple stonewash, raspberry, aqua, mid grey and pale grey.

Our beautiful Purple Stonewash Cotton duvet will provide a comfortable place for your dog to loll, along with an attractive product to complement your home.

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