Need A Large And Cosy Dog Bed?

One of the most amazing thing about dogs is the range of sizes. Hundreds of years of breeding have given us everything from tiny Yorkshire terriers to huge, lumbering Great Danes.

Having a larger dog can be a real adventure, but it’s often difficult to organise their sleeping arrangements. A big dog naturally requires more space to loll around, and their bedding also requires more washing than that of smaller breeds. This kind of dog can’t exactly sleep on your lap.

Larger dogs are often warm and friendly, and keen to share your sleeping space. No matter how much you agree otherwise! It can also be difficult moving them around in the car.

Whether you own a German Shepherd, Mastiff or Bernese Mountain Dog, Hector Hartley’s large dog beds could be the solution.

Featured in Country Life, The Field and Woman & Home magazine, our dog beds are comfortable, luxurious and extremely practical.

Our multi-purpose dog duvet can serve as a pillow, mattress or cushion, and be placed anywhere in your home or car. Since they’ll protect your dog’s basket, you won’t need to wash it often, and they’re perfect for protecting your vehicle.

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