Multi-Purpose Dog Beds For Your Home

Looking for a multi-purpose dog bed online?

While the spotlight has been on the ‘Downing Street cat’, Larry, our canine companions have been compared to goats. Researchers at the University of London, say the creatures are just as loving and clever as dogs. They wouldn’t be as easy to have around the house, though…

A dog bed to use at home, on holiday, or in your car.

Owning a dog is one of life’s greatest joys. But sharing your sofa or bed with them usually isn’t.

Do you love bringing your dog on holiday? If so, our Multi-Purpose Dog Beds could be ideal. Conveniently covering your sofa, floor or cat, our dog beds also look beautiful. All of them are made from designer fabrics and can be purchased online for competitive prices.

Available in Stonewash and Cotton or Denim and Natural Linen, Hector Hartley dog beds are available in a number of different colours and sizes. Whether you have a Yorkshire Terrier or Dalmatian, you’re guaranteed to find one suitable.

We exhibit at a number of different events, and have appeared at The Royal Windsor Horse Show. Hector Hartley are also due to appear at CountryFile Live, so why not come and say hello?

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