Multi-Purpose Dog Beds For The Home And Car

Did you take your dog on holiday with you this year? If so, you might find out multi-purpose dog beds useful.

According to researchers, the key to a dog’s heart is a good belly rub. They’ve found that rubbing a dog’s belly produces greater levels of brain activity than food.

There’s also recently been an anti-ageing trial for dogs, which is showing good results. The trial has shown significant improvements in their heart health, and could extend your dogs’ life. One drug in the trial could lead to dogs living around four years longer.

Improve a dog’s nightly sleep with versatile dog beds.

While belly rubs and food are popular, dogs also really love their sleep. On average, your pooch sleeps for around 12 hours a day- that’s four hours more than us. However, the amount also depends on their age and personality.

That’s why Hector Hartley have made our multi-purpose dog beds, suitable for anywhere in the home. Appropriate for a range of places, our dogs’ beds will make your home much cleaner. Available in a number of attractive colours, all dog beds are made of designer fabrics.

Why not browse our Stonewash and Cotton dog beds?

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