Multi-Purpose Dog Beds

Whether your dog prefers the sofa or floor, you want to protect your home from fur and your dog’s clawing and scratching. Do you need a dog bed suitable for the floor, sofa, and car or maybe you need additional comfort for your existing dog bed?

Then you need a multi-purpose dog bed from Hector Hartley, made from durable designer fabric.

Chic and stylish, these are dog duvets that can be used anywhere and everywhere. Whether used in a basket or the car, this duvet is easily washable, versatile and attractive. It will also withstand any pawing or scratching that would damage lesser fabrics.

A fantastic alternative to expensive throws, these durable duvets are the ultimate multi-purpose product for your dog. They can not only be placed anywhere; they will protect whatever surface they’re on, whether it’s a new sofa or leather car seats.

Available in various different colours, they look as good as they feel, and even complement your interior design scheme. Available in small, medium or large, we have sizes to suit all the different breeds.

Made in England, these are dog beds to be proud of.

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