Luxurious Dog Duvets Made In England

Looking for a taste of luxury for your hound?

We all love our duvet days in winter, and, unsurprisingly, so does your dog. Whether having been for a chilly walk through muddy woods, or accompanying you on a morning run, any dog will appreciate our luxurious dog duvets.

Since dogs sleep almost half their life (14-16 hours a day), it pays to invest in the best possible doggy bed. Just like us, dogs can get grouchy if they don’t have enough sleep.

They also like to sleep somewhere which is warm, comfortable and spacious, the latter of which is extremely important. This is why dogs love sleeping on your sofa - it means they can really spread out.

All our products are made in England to support British manufacturing, and are guaranteed to be of the finest quality. Versatile and ideal for any lifestyle, our dog duvets will protect your sofa, car, carpet or any other furnishings, while allowing your dog to sleep anywhere.

Ultra-soft and snuggly, it’s a fantastic alternative to using a blanket or throw. Our duvets are available in both Stonewash and Cotton, and Denim and Natural Linen.

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