Luxurious And Attractive Dog Beds

Dogs bring us so much joy, they deserve to be rewarded.

As if we needed any more proof about how lovely they are, studies suggest that a dog’s heartbeat is synchronized with their owner’s. The research reported in The Telegraph showed that the bond between us and dogs is stronger than we thought. Scientists found that many pets’ heart rate rose and fell with their owner’s.

The study also showed that having a dog can reduce our stress levels. This is because when they have a lowered heat rate, we’re more likely to as well.

Dogs also keep as physically healthy, as they need plenty of walks. With walking proven to reduce anxiety and depression, it’s no wonder our furry friends bring such joy.

Why not reward your dog in 2016, with a luxurious dog bed?

Hector Hartley specialises in doggy duvets made from designer materials. Available in a range of sizes, they’re suitable for any dog- from a tiny Jack Russell terrier to a Grey Hound. Highly versatile and easily washed, these are dog beds for any place- whether in your car or the house.

They’re also available in a range of colours, to suit your home.

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