Looking for Multi-Purpose Dog Beds Online?

Like us, man’s best friend love sleeping in on Sundays.

For a dog, what’s better than a long walk - even on a chilly winter’s day, followed by a long snooze in front of the fire? Pure Bliss.

Even better, how about a snooze on a Hector Harley dog bed? It’s a great way to reward your most loyal companion, and keep them cosy this winter.

Dogs simply adore sleeping on the family sofa, and while we enjoy their company, it’s difficult to keep upholstery clean that way. That’s why Hector Hartley sell multi-purpose doggy duvets, which can be used to cover sofas. These aren’t traditional dog beds; they can be moved into either your dog’s basket for extra comfort, on the floor or the sofa or in the car.

Our dog duvets are available in stone wash and cotton, or denim and natural linen, with a choice of many different sizes and colours. So, whether you have a Chihuahua, King Charles Spaniel or a Great Dane, we can help.

All duvet covers are made from designer fabrics, so it is best to follow the washing instructions on the duvet. These instructions can also be found online. You’ll find all details on our website.

Keep your dog’s tail wagging in 2016.