Keep A Small Dog Snuggly This Winter

‘A dog is the only thing that loves you more than he loves himself.’

(Josh Billings).

Is your furry friend on the smaller side? Do you want a small snuggly dog bed, to keep him or her warm this winter?

As you might have found, size isn’t everything. Smaller dogs often have the biggest hearts, and often make the best companions. This is often because they are bred to be ‘lap dogs’ and are some of the most sociable breeds.

The dinkier breeds of dog also live much longer than larger dogs, though nobody’s quite sure why. While small dogs have an expected live span of 12-14 years, larger dogs usually live between 8 to 10 years.

Although smaller dogs take up less space when sleeping, they can end up getting squashed on the sofa, or trodden underfoot. It’s best to give them their own space to relax, which doggy duvets are ideal for.

Our small dog beds offer big rewards.

If you’re hunting for a small snuggly dog bed, consider our duvets. Whether spread on your lap, the sofa or in the car, these small dog beds are extremely versatile. Offering comfort and protection, our small dog beds measure 72 x 56 approx.

Find out more about our small snuggly dog beds.

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