Hunting For The Perfect Dog Bedding Online?

Just like people, dogs love their duvet days. In fact, they actually sleep even more than we do, with most dogs sleeping 12-14 hours a day. However, it depends on a number of different factors, including the breed. You’ll find a 16-week puppy will also sleep even longer, just like human babies do.

Large giant breeds, sometimes known as ‘mat dogs’, often more sleep than smaller breeds.

Extremely versatile, easy-to-clean dog bedding.

Do you want dog bedding that also serves as a pillow, mattress, cushion, or as an alternative to a blanket? You could find your ideal dog bed, at our online shop.

Comfort and protection come guaranteed with our special dog bedding. Suitable for regular washing, unlike many dog beds, they’re also extremely easy to clean.

Not only that, our duvets will also look great in your home. Made of either designer denim and natural linen, or stonewash and cotton fabric, they’re available in a variety of different colours. They will never look either unsightly or be unpractical.

All our duvets are made in England, and are made using designer fabric.

Explore our range of doggy duvets today.

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