Dog Duvets For Small To Medium Breeds

In general, smaller dogs live longer than larger breeds, although nobody’s quite sure why. That means they do a lot of snoozing in old age.

Good sleep is an important part of your dog’s health, just like it is for humans. In fact, scientists have found they pass through the same series of sleep cycles as us.

If you have a small to medium breed, and need a versatile dog duvet, Hector Hartley can help. Our doggy duvets come in all sizes, including those suitable for Jack Russell’s, Labradors or Miniature Poodles.

As featured in Country Life, Woman & Home, and K9 Magazine, these dog duvets are beautiful, comfortable and can be placed anywhere. They’re ideal for those pet owners whose dog likes napping on the sofa. Much more effective than a cheap throw, these will fully protect your sofa against dog fur and general smells.

They are also suitable for regular washing, so will keep your home smelling fresh. Luxurious and stylish, they come in a variety of colours. Sizes range from small to medium and large.

Discover more about our sizing here.