Dog Bedding for Larger Furry Friends

When people see a truly large dog, they can’t help but stare- it can be quite a mesmerising sight.

Studies have found that these large pooches can help us lose weight: according to The Huffington Post, a large dog makes people more motivated to get out and about. Since larger dogs require more exercise, so do their owners.

Funnily enough, large dogs often even look like their leading owners, instead of the other way around. Most of us have seen that scene in 101 Dalmatians when Roger gets led into the lake by Pongo!

How would they find dog bedding for Major?

The world’s largest dog is a Great Dane called Major, who can reach 8 feet when standing on his hind legs. Since he’s so huge, this 12-stone dog sleeps on an adult sized mattress. Fortunately, most pet owners can merely purchase our large dog bedding instead…

Our dog bedding for large breeds.

Buying bedding for a large dog can be difficult. But Hector Hartley provide three different sizes of dog beds, including large bedding measuring 110 x 85 cm. This large dog bedding is suitable for breeds like Labradors, Spaniels, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and Pointers.