Contemporary Dog Beds

Is your dog currently getting a ‘ruff’ night’s sleep? Looking for a new contemporary dog bed, to improve their slumbers?

Dogs have been man’s best friend for a very long time, with some experts estimating they were domesticated around 10,000 years ago - possibly longer. However, nobody truly knows the origin of this special relationship. Certainly, they are man’s most long-standing furry companions.

Today, we have hundreds of different breeds of dog, from cheeky Chihuahuas to lumbering Great Danes.

According to experts, dogs do indeed dream, and even share the same kind of slow wave sleep (REM) that humans do. You might have noticed your hound twitching and moving their paws when sleeping, which suggest they’re probably dreaming of chasing rabbits.

Dogs are also great at seeing in the dark, thanks to a special membrane called the tapetim lucidum.

So, they will definitely appreciate a good, soft, comfortable bed!

Here at Hector Harley, we provide the finest contemporary dog beds, that will reward any faithful hound. Chic and stylish, they are made of designer fabrics, which can be placed anywhere: in your dog's basket for extra comfort, on the floor, on the sofa or in the car.

Each duvet is easy to wash, and offers the ultimate comfort and protection.

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