Beautiful And Versatile Dog Bedding

Did you know, having a dog could be good for your social life? According to The Express, a survey of over 2,000 people found that 55% were more likely to start a conversation if they had a dog.

The average dog owner also has more chats with people in their community. This might be because having a dog makes you more approachable, and instantly gives you something in common with other owners. Just another one of the benefits of having a four-legged friend!

According to another news reports, Simon Cowell loves his dogs so much, he lets them sleep in his own bed. Although everyone loves their pooches, for most of us, that might be going too far. After all a dog, although a loveable friend, doesn’t always smell that amazing!

If you want to buy your dog their own fabulous bedding, our range at Hector Hartley could be ideal. As featured in Country Life, K9 Magazine, Woman & Home and Fashion London, our dog bedding is highly versatile and can be used anywhere.

All our doggy duvets can be purchased online, and are the ultimate treat for your dog. Easily washable, they’re ideal for those who need a dog bed to take on holiday.

To get started, explore our Stonewash and Cotton duvets.

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